Custom Medical Skin White Perforated Aperture Zinc Oxide Adhesive Plaster

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The medical surgical adhesive zinc oxide adhesive plaster tape is made of cotton fabric,natural rubber and zinc oxide. Aperture zinc oxide plaster evenly distributes the small holes to form a hole plaster to increase the breathable and moisture permeability of the product, and uses a special processing technology to increase the viscosity and breathable of the product.

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aperture zinc oxide plaster


18cm*5m 37.5*31.5*21cm 1roll/box,30boxes/ctn
18cm*5yds 37.5*31.5*21cm 1roll/box,30boxes/ctn
10cm*5m 37.5*31.5*24.5cm 1roll/box,60boxes/ctn
10cm*5yds 37.5*31.5*24.5cm 1roll/box,60boxes/ctn



Does not affect normal function of skin; Strong adhesive property, good moisture penetrability, The curing plaster adapts the formulation of Chinese Pharmacopoeia and unique technology, which gives obvious effect.


1. Zinc oxide has strong adhesiveness, breathable, moisture-permeable, and will not come off, you can use it with confidence.
2. High elasticity which allows the compression to be changed in different situations.
3. Good breathable that allows skin to breath.
4. Strong support and easy to tear,use and store,
5. No stimulation to skin.
6. You can use scissors to cut the desired size arbitrarily, comfortable and breathable.
7. Each roll in a single box.customized available.


Protect fingers, wrists, ankles, arms, knees, etc., wound protection (fixed protective equipment, dressings, etc.).It is used for rheumatoid arthritis, joint strain or other ache caused by cold-dampness.

How to use

When using, first wash and dry the skin, put the medicine on the affected area, then tear off the gauze or plastic film covering the cover, cut it out according to the required size, and stick it on the skin.used to fix all kinds of dressing and all type of bandage. Its main features are: good air permeability and moisture penetrability and fixing firmly, strong suitability, and convenient to apply.The curing plaster has many functions such as easing pain, diminishing inflammation, invigorating the circulation of blood, having expanding function to local blood vessel. It is used
for rheumatoid arthritis, joint strain or other ache caused by cold-dampness.

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