• Cotton Pad

    Cotton Pad

    Absorbent cotton wool roll  can be used or processed in a variety of was, to make cotton ball, cotton bandages, medical cotton pad and so on, can also be used to pack wounds and in other surgical tasks after sterilization.

    It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics. Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

  • Zigzag Cotton

    Zigzag Cotton

    zigzag cotton, the ginned cotton processed by the serrated gin is called serrated cotton.

  • Povidone lodine Swabstick

    Povidone lodine Swabstick

    (Iodophor ; PVP-I ; iodine)Povidone lodine swabstick:Medical Povidone lodine swab is named because it contains iodophor component, has strong toxicity and sterilization, can kill viruses, bacteria, to ensure safety and health

  • Dental Cotton Roll

    Dental Cotton Roll

    Dental cotton roll, made of 100% long fiber pure natural white cotton, has good water absorption effect.

  • Cotton Swab

    Cotton Swab

    Cotton swabs, also known as wipes. Cotton swab is wrapped with a few disinfecting cotton larger than matchstick or plastic stick, mainly used at medical treatment in daub liquid medicine, adsorption pus and blood and so on.

  • Cotton Roll

    Cotton Roll

    The absorbent cotton wool roll is made by combed cotton to remove impurities and then is bleached ,Its texture is soft and smooth due to the carding procedure.

  • Cotton Ball

    Cotton Ball

    1. Material:100% cotton.
    2. Color:blue,pink,yellow,white etc.
    3. Diameter:10mm,15mm,20mm,30mm,40mm,etc.
    4. With or without X-ray detectable thread.
    6. OEM services & Small Orders are available.
    7. Sterilized or non-sterile.
    8. With or without X-ray detectable threads
    9. With or without elastic ring.
    10.Weight:0.5g,1.0g,1.5g,2.0g,3g etc.