Now we have some medical gauze at home to prevent accidental injury. The use of gauze is very convenient, but there will be a problem after use. The gauze sponge will adhere to the wound. Many people can only go to the doctor for simple treatment because they can’t handle it.
Many times, we will encounter this situation. We need to know the solution to the adhesion between medical gauze and wound. In case of this situation in the future, we can solve it by ourselves if it is not serious.

If the adhesion between the medical gauze block and the wound is weak, the gauze can be lifted slowly. At this point, the wound usually does not have obvious pain. If the adhesion between the gauze and the wound is strong, you can slowly drop some saline or iodophor disinfectant on the gauze, which can slowly wet the gauze, usually for about ten minutes, and then clean the gauze from the wound, so that there will be no obvious pain.

However, if the adhesion is very serious and particularly painful, you can cut off the gauze, wait for the wound to scab and fall off, and then remove the gauze.

If the medical gauze block must be removed, the gauze and scab can be removed together, and then the oil gauze on the fresh wound can be covered with Iodophor disinfectant to avoid re adhesion.

Post time: Mar-29-2022